Over the years we have used multiple platforms to do various tasks. Our collective experience was ok, but nobody stood out as an exceptional experience. Then it happened, one day we were sitting around wondering how we were going to solve a problem we faced on a particular project. After a few weeks of deliberation and many months of planning, here we are... The team at LetsCreate wants your experience to be better than you ever expected. We are committed to creating a process to get you the designer graphic work you are looking for while saving you time and money. Time and money that you can spend on other things in life, maybe even more design work. We want you to walk away from the LetsCreate experience with total satisfaction... No wait, with an excitement that you can not wait to return and see what's next from our designers. We want our customer service to be known as customer service excellence. To compliment our excellent service, we intend to offer you an array of design creation options in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to engage in the LetsCreate experience yet meet your budgetary demands. We are here for you.


Contests are best if you do not have a clear and concise design in mind or if you would just like to see if there is an idea you haven't thought of yet. Our platform makes it easy for you to communicate your ideas to our community of designers. Please provide links to your website and/or social media to give designers the most insight into your brand and your target audience. You, our customer will be able to chat directly with each designer to make your requested changes to ensure you get exactly what you want. If you run out of time (normally 7 days), no problem... Send us a message and we can extend your deadline at no extra cost to you. We are flexible to make sure you are satisfied. Are you excited to see what our designers can do your YOU??? Sign up and see for yourself...


Create your design project and wait for our diverse community of designers bring you their design solutions to match your description. Understand the more detail you can include the better the designs will match your idea. Remember we are here to give you a design you are happy to own. Feel free to ask our designers to make changes and alterations to their design. We are here for you. No hidden fees and no surprises... Our designers are aware of our 100% satisfaction guarantee to you. Remember, there is not such thing as a free lunch, match your budget to your expectations and let them amaze you with their creativity and talent.


When you work on any project with our customers. Our promise to you is to not take a fixed or variable percentage of any kind from YOU (transfer of funds fees does apply and are dependant or the payment platform). Otherwise, you have our guarantee that we are not here to charge you... The designer is the one who creates the solution for our customers, and we feel you should be rewarded not penalized for your experience, talent, and hard work.